Recon Verification – People Screening Platform for Investigators


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Recon Verification People Screening Platform for Investigators

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Recon Verification is a U.S.-based company dedicated to thoroughly vetting candidates applying to work as security officers. Since the company specializes in monitoring security, carrying out patrols, and protecting high-ranking people, the entire verification process is comprehensive. Currently, each candidate is checked by Recon Verification employees in many possible fields, such as personal information and criminal records.


Creating a platform for an automated verification process

The application intends to facilitate the work of Recon Verification employees, who manually search dozens of databases for information on possible offenses or crimes of individuals. The project aims to create a platform that independently collects this data, verifies and filters it accordingly and then creates ready-made reports.

Our solution

How we helped Recon Verification reach its business goals?


Currently, the project team is creating the MVP of the application in the web version so that the client can assess the potential of the application. Furthermore, after the MVP stage is completed, some functionalities will be adapted to the mobile (browser) version, e.g., the candidate panel view.
The app collects publicly available information on crimes individuals commit amongst other things. Only Recon Verification employees have access to the full data downloaded by the app. They will decide which information to share with clients – data protection is fundamental here. To this end, we are also considering the application’s compliance with FCRA (The Fair Credit Reporting Act) regulations and the automatic deletion of reports on candidates after 5 years.

By using the right tools and technologies, we have provided a stable and secure environment, on which our comprehensive system is based. When designing the UX of the app, we knew that its primary goal was usability in performing tasks. To create an MVP that met the needs of Recon employees, graphic designers designed an intuitive design.
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Key Features Delivered

Collecting data using scrapers and creating reports
Use of VPN and Selenium tools.
User role system to ensure security
Application users have different access levels, i.e., Admin, Supervisor, and Line Staff.
Scalability in the cloud
The application is hosted on AWS, ensuring easy scalability of the architecture in the future.
UX design
A simple-looking and easy-to-use design the application has been designed to facilitate the product users.
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PHP 8.1 / Symfony 6.1 / NodeJS 16 / React 18 / Selenium 4.8 / AWS

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