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Build a professional, ⁣efficient, and secure mobile application, that will attract millions of users. Our team of experts takes care of the extensive creation of a custom application throughout the end-to-end process.
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Dedicated specialists
Our team consists of approximately 50 experts with experience in complex projects. We select a dedicated team for the project that will be 100% committed to developing your mobile application from the very first day.
In-depth needs analysis
Our process starts with an in-depth analysis of your needa, the project's scope, and its detailed specifics. We also offer unique product workshop. With our help, you will analyze, among other things, your target audience and the key processes within the application.
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A well-thought-out process
By working with us, you receive comprehensive support at every project stage. We implement this based on our 4-step process and 7 fundamental values allowing us to develop long-term relationships with clients.
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Mobile application development services

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We will design a dedicated digital product fully customized to your needs. We have been developing mobile and web applications for clients worldwide for seven years. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive services, from design and product building to implementation, as well as maintenance and further development. Throughout our process, analysis plays a vital role. In the beginning, we study the project’s specifics, the scope of work, business goals, and expectations in great detail so that the application’s development is as effective as possible. 

By conducting a thorough pre-implementation analysis, you save costs by avoiding revisions and changes during the project. Our team will be provided with the project specifications, making the activities efficient and goal-oriented.

Let’s see examples of our projects


Mobile application for Vemcon

Mobile Apps

Vemcon is a German company that develops modern systems for machine control. For our client, we are developing a comprehensive mobile application that automates the operational process of machines (mainly excavators). This is made possible by connecting the application with unique trackers (devices that monitor the operation of excavators) via Bluetooth. This allows operators to track and set key machine parameters and their management.

  • Development of a professional mobile application using React Native technology to be released on Android and iOS platforms.
  • Comprehensive recommendations for API changes.
  • Fundamental support of the client-side team and proactive suggestions for many improvements.

React Native – a technology offering many possibilities


React Native is a proven, open-source technology for building diverse types of mobile applications, including native and cross-platform systems. The technology’s main advantage is developing Android and iOS applications using the same code simultaneously. This saves time and cost, resulting in the rapid construction of a high-quality product. 

Currently, React Native continues to grow in popularity. Its benefits are demonstrated by its widespread use in some of the world’s biggest giants, such as Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, Uber Eats, and Pinterest. So, why build mobile apps for businesses using React? Let’s summarize the most important benefits.


Why is it worth building mobile apps in React?

Want to validate your product idea?

Do you want to prepare well for the development process? Then bet on product workshops. These workshops play a significant part in developing mobile and web applications. Thanks to the sessions with our specialists, you will thoroughly analyze your product’s performance, examine the project from a broader perspective, verify initial assumptions, and understand your target group’s needs.

When is it a good idea to participate in product workshops?

  • You don’t know how to translate an idea into the technological world.
  • You want to know the exact cost of software development.
  • You are passionate about an efficient application development process.
  • You want to discuss the idea with specialists.
  • Look at functionalities and map key processes.
  • Gather all the materials you need for efficient mobile app development.

Your success is our success. See what sets us apart

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Your business and technology partner
We have gained valuable experience by implementing over 45 projects within the Polish and foreign markets. We will support you comprehensively throughout the business and technological levels and provide practical guidance in every project stage. By doing this, we will create a product that meets your needs and sets you up for success.
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Working based on values
We carry out our application development process based on the values we have developed over the years. We ensure a mutual commitment to the project, listen to our client's needs, and rely on honest and direct communication to create a true partnership.
Discover more about our values
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We follow best programming practices
Our goal is to create a dedicated solution that is efficient and qualitative. We pay close attention to regular application testing to catch any bugs and improve performance as soon as possible. We match architecture to business needs, implement scalable solutions, apply design patterns, and review code regularly.
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Predictable process
We have a secure, proven, and polished product development process under experienced developers’ guidance. The complete project process begins with thorough analysis and planning, an optional product workshop, and product development, testing, and implementation with ongoing maintenance and support. On our side, an experienced PM continually supervises the entire project.
Agile approach
We work in the spirit of Agile, which means individual functionalities are delivered periodically during sprints. It allows us to deliver a workable version of the product quicker. Executing the project in this way makes us more flexible. We adapt to your needs, listen to feedback on an ongoing basis, and adjust solutions to achieve the highest quality developed mobile application.
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Analysis of the idea at the start
We believe that preparation for the mobile app development process is the key. That's why we attach so much importance to analyzing your idea at an early stage. If any elements need clarification, we offer comprehensive product workshops to study functionalities, your target audience and prepare for development.

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