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Who are we? A software development company that will help your business grow

As a leading team of experts, we help startups and enterprises with creating innovative, custom software development – web and mobile applications, IT outsourcing, DevOps, and maintenance services. We also specialize in conducting creative product workshops.
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We have been delivering successful software products to clients from around the world since 2015. We build long-term partnerships with clients from a broad range of industries, including healthcare, education, FinTech, transportation, and more. We also help our clients analyze the idea for an application deeply, by offering dedicated product workshops. Take advantage of our experience – choose our services, and get an innovative solution perfectly tailored to your needs.
Tworzenie aplikacji webowych

Web App Development


Mobile App Development

Tworzenie dedykowanego oprogramowania

Custom Software Development

DevOps i rozwiązania chmurowe

DevOps & Cloud

budowa MVP

MVP Development

Design i warsztaty Event Storming

Product Design & Event Storming

Outsourcing IT i dedykowane zespoły Agile

IT Outsourcing & Agile Teams

+ 50
talented people on board
+ 45
successful projects delivered
+ 7
years of experience

Our Milestones

  • 2015
    Our journey starts
    Our passion for creating dedicated software solutions led us to start our company. Studio Software was founded in 2015 when we opened our first office in Wrocław and started building our team. Since the beginning, we’ve put people first and focused on growth to deliver complex solutions for our client’s success.
  • 2017
    Dynamic growth
    The first two years in the industry provided us with massive knowledge and invaluable experience. We grew dynamically and quickly expanded our range of services. As our team expanded, we moved to a more spacious office. During this time, we welcomed new, foreign clients and started developing more challenging projects.
  • 2020
    5th birthday
    August 2020 was a special month for us: Studio Software turned 5! As well as celebrating our birthday, we also celebrated our achievements, including three special awards for the best Polish Web Developers in 2019, 2020, and 2021. In our first 5 years, we completed nearly 40 projects. We can make more ambitious plans and take on new challenges.
  • 2022
    Product workshops and more
    We have grown to more than 50 people and we’re still expecting more newcomers. We’re also growing in terms of our services, focusing on developing our product workshop, and incorporating new techniques into the agenda. Our team masters their skills in AWS by attending many trainings and workshops.
Our values

Values that shape our culture


We ground on good relationships

We work for the trust of our customers. We focus on sincere communication and partnership, making it easier for us to build long-term cooperation.

  • 5+ years of cooperation with our clients, 3+ years of working together with the majority of our team, and we started our business 7 years ago,
  • customers rely upon us with the choice of solutions and entrust our suggestions,
  • trust is built on honesty - we talk directly about problems and difficulties, together looking for alternative solutions

What exactly do we mean by trust?

We care about self-development

We strive to be the substantive partner for our clients. We give the space to expand our knowledge to offer the highest quality of service.

  • we care about the development of the potential of the team - we organize workshops and trainings with IT and business experts,
  • we listen to the needs of the team and want to meet their expectations related to the development of competence
  • we are a substantive partner - we want to educate our clients based on the professional knowledge of our team

What do we mean by development?

We select solutions flexibly

Because business is not a greenhouse. In a project, as in life, we face different situations, so we listen to the needs and choose the right tools.

  • we work in the spirit of Agile - we quickly select personalized solutions
  • we are not afraid of challenges and we adapt our solutions accordingly
  • we care about the comfort of work and trust our team, so we value work-life balance and put on a flexible approach

What makes our flexibility stand out?

We take care of mutual commitment

This allows us to effectively achieve our goals, successfully implement projects and build products tailored to client’s needs.

  • we use the best practices and tools to increase project engagement
  • we work in Agile, motivating each other and constantly striving to achieve our goals
  • we are open to new ideas, improvements, proposing new solutions - everyone has the opportunity to propose changes and their solutions,

Why do we value commitment?

We share one goal

We believe that the success of the project is our joint responsibility. We treat each other on an equal footing and openly set boundaries.

  • we believe that the rest of our core values such as honesty, support and trustfulness help us to build a true partnership
  • we set the "rules of the game" that lead us to the achievement of a common goal.
  • We are the experts in our field and we offer a complex set of services even for the most demanding customers.

How do we build partnerships?

We focus on sincere communication

We do not avoid difficult topics, we quickly signal them and strive to find effective solutions for each difficulty. .

  • We practice direct communication aimed at solving problems together.
  • we are talking about restrictions in the project, we do not promise the proverbial "pie in the sky”
  • we understand that mistakes happen, we openly talk about them and learn how to catch problematic situations in advance

Why is honesty important to us?

We keep finger on the pulse

As a business and technology partner we strive to offer the most comprehensive support. Each task is completed from A to Z.

  • We advise at the very beginning of the road, offering product workshops, preparing a dedicated technology proposal & project estimation
  • We have an open discussion, we seek compromises and we talk openly about issues
  • We guarantee "peace in the project" - an experienced PM watches over the whole project

How do we support our customers?

Our clients

Our team






At Studio Software, we always aim to build a successful team and create a unique workplace where everyone feels comfortable.
We constantly care for our relationships with our partners and employees by building a space where everyone can develop their skills, show initiative, and share ideas. We invest in our team and enhance a good atmosphere, helping us create dedicated solutions for our clients and achieve success.
Our team

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Software development company that vows your success

Prestigious awards for Top Web Developers 🏆.
For three years in a row (2019, 2020, 2021), we received prestigious awards from Clutch, a reputable portal associating thousands of software companies from around the world. We are among the top-performing development companies in Poland!
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