LifeTraq – A Revolutionary Platform Aiming to Reduce Meaningful and Significant Life Problems

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Case study

LifeTraq – A Revolutionary Platform Aiming to Reduce Meaningful and Significant Life Problems

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LifeTraq is an interactive and innovative platform designed to provide comprehensive support for people coping with difficult life situations. This revolutionary project was initiated by an American entrepreneur whose goal is to improve the quality of human life and reduce recidivism, addiction relapses, and related deaths. This system can be used in the US’s toughest prisons, addiction centers, and educational system.
lifetraq mobile i desktop


Deliver a first-of-its-kind platform in the US to solve meaningful human problems

The project’s noble goal and comprehensiveness presented many interesting challenges for our team. The client wanted to create a dedicated web application targeted at many diverse groups and rich in functions.
During the initial stage, our main task was to efficiently take over the project from our predecessor and ensure full support from the product side. The next step included developing a functional version of the application for customers – the main goal project goal was to support people overcoming addiction and depression and support the resocialization processes.
One of the project’s important elements was creating an intuitive design and designing the entire application with gamification to increase user engagement. The product was supposed to run directly on prisoners’ individual tablets. To do so, we had to implement a number of security features preventing outsiders from gaining unauthorized access.

Our solution

How we helped LifeTraq unlock the potential


We created an advanced platform that has already been presented to the first users. This application allows users to follow a personalized motivational path, collect points for successful actions, participate in the training sessions, and earn rewards.
We adjusted the application to meet the trainers’ needs. They can now create development paths themselves and edit them at any time. Trainers can also choose the rewards, such as e-books, films, or special gifts. Some of the rewards support the users’ local communities—for example, building a playground for children.
The tools and technologies we used provided a stable and safe environment for the system while allowing for effective integrations with an external system. We also implemented effective integrations with various tools and used them in non-standard ways to create a tailor-made solution. One of the key integrations was with JotForm, an application that allows users to create surveys and tests and award points. We also created an extensive system for collecting and segregating statistics, enabling participants and trainers to track their results.
Implement a web application
Create a mechanism that enables flexible development-path configuration
Integrate with JotForm to extend the gamification elements
Implement a modern and intuitive design
Implement an extensive and powerful statistics system
Create dedicated modules
Integrate push notifications
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Key Features Delivered

Social Media Module
Allows users to invite friends, work in groups, and communicate through an internal messenger.
Development Paths and Challenge Configuration
A flexible development path configuration, possibility to edit paths and add challenges.
Reporting and Progress Tracking System
Allows users to check which stage of progress the users or groups are at.
Gamification Module
Enables competition among users based on scored points through leaderboards and prizes; provides many different possibilities based on the task (e.g., surveys, tests, video files).
Extensive Onboarding Path for New Users.
lifetraq platform


PHP / Laravel 5.8 / Vue.js / MySQL / Cloud: AWS Elastic Beanstalk

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