Duuoo – Seamless Performance Review Platform

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Duuoo – Seamless Performance Review Platform

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Duuoo is a platform supporting employee development. The application allows you to plan and conduct effective 1 to 1 meetings and manage feedback in the workplace. Information gathered by the app gives you the possibility to set goals with OKRs, manage them throughout the organisation, and review results.
1000 +
users in a account of the largest platform customer
days for a project takeover
150 %
increase in employee productivity thanks to Duuoo


Boost people potential

The Client, as one of the leading short-term rental properties providers in our area, wanted to cut off unnecessary business cost by delivering all-in-one solution for automating check-in process to the market. We not only had to deliver the whole platform, but also dig into available electronic lock solutions, test them and choose the best one. Product was to be scalable, integratable and adaptable for hotels, aparthotels and apartments.


How we helped Duuoo unlock the potential


Thanks to a well organized and highly performing project team the transition and development of the project were smooth and successful. As a result of intensive work in an extremely short time, the Duuoo acquired its largest customer.
Project takeover in 5 days during intensive workshops at client’s headquarters in Copenhagen
Web application development
Adapting the application to the requirements of one of the largest Danish bank (Arbejdernes Landsbank)
Scaling a team in a short amount of time

Efficient Components

Key Features Delivered

Active Directory authentication
Authentication service based on ADFS, Amazon EC2 and Auth0.
Automated daily Bank Synchronizer
External service to create complete users profiles, setting them at correct teams.
Multiple workflow management
Manage meeting template, meeting path, follow up questions sequence, etc.
Goals management
Tracking individual and groups goals, division of goals into tasks, assigning tasks to users, task feedback functionality, tasks approval.

Stunning Technologies

Node.js / TypeScript / PostgreSQL / React / Redux / Auth0 / Active Directory Authentication / Sentry / PaperTrail / Heroku Cloud

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