We create amazing software.

We are a web development & IoT (Internet of Things) development company. Each product has a big meaning for us and a clearly defined purpose. It is designed to help people make life easier and accelerate business growth.

People and competence

Studio Software has been founded in 2015. The team has grown rapidly - excellent programmers, analysts and designers joined the team, which is fully prepared to go through every stage of the project with the client. We are dedicated to provide the best product quality and build software that will meet your business challenges and requirements.


We offer a full spectrum of software development services: design (UI/UX), frontend (AngularJS, Webpack), backend (Node.js, PHP). Wide knowledge of Redis, RabbitMQ, CQRS, Event Sourcing, Amazon AWS, DigitalOcean, MongoDB, Nginx, LoadBalancing allows us to build truly awesome applications.

We believe that behind a perfect product, there must be a great code.


Meet our team

These wonderful people create a talented team consisting of diverse personalities and technology enthusiasts.

See how we work

We strongly believe that in a good atmosphere we can create better products.

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