Product Design & Workshops


Product Design & Workshops – mockups and graphical designs for your app

Beautifully designed and user-friendly applications will help you stand out from the competition. UX/UI design plays a significant role in the development process – take the usability of your app to the next level with us. Our wide offer includes effective Event Storming workshops too.
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Product Design

Amaze your users with outstanding Product Design

Make a difference and choose amazing designed applications. We offer complex solutions – from analyzing your initial ideas to providing event storming workshops and create eye-catching products using effective agile methodologies. During the whole process, we use the right tools and focus on a human-centred approach.
Our process is clear and includes several steps to build a product with a great UX/UI design style. We focus on creating a strategy for your idea, define data and user workflows and prioritize your needs.
Prototypes & Wireframes
Before the final step of the product design process, we create wireframes. We use rapid wireframing tools such as Balsamiq & Sketch to boost the effectiveness of our work. With wireframing, we can test people’s assumptions and move quickly towards better solutions.
design sprints

Design Sprints

Product Design Sprints with UX review

Reduce risk and decide on a clearly-structured process for answering crucial questions about your business. During a 5-day workshop we will work on mapping you product, generate ideas, and building a prototype. Product design sprints help to move your company forward thanks to very detailed analysis of occuring problems and pointing out the most important action points. What will you get from the Design Sprint?
Useful solutions for your business problems
The workshop is planned in a way to solve crucial problems your business has to face. The goal is to focus on prototype solutions and test the best ones.
A deeper understanding of your product
Thanks to the design sprint you can analyze your ideas step by step and analyze your product from a different perspective.
Bring ideas into life
You will put your idea into practice with the support of our development team. The first prototype, in other words, a realistic sample of your product will be a useful visualization of your idea.

Product Design

Event Storming Workshops

Event storming workshops are conducted to get a better understanding of the client’s business and move the project forward. How can you get to know, is it the right time to attend this kind of meeting? Sometimes a project may take a slightly different direction than you expect or you can keep struggling with start the next stage of your process. Here come event storming workshops, which will help you get through all those difficulties and make the right decisions about your app development process.
Find out what is happening in the domain of your app
Simply, the workshop allows you to check what exactly happens when some processes are running in your application (like registration, order, etc).
Identify occurring problems
While observing all the interactions with external systems, we will help you find out what changes should be made in order to develop the product that meets your needs. You will find missing spots, that were difficult to determined earlier.
Get the bigger picture of the whole development
Event storming workshops can be focused on your goals and product environment to get the same perspective and let developers understand the scope of the project.
Know your product better
Analyzing all aspects of your project is truly important to make wise decisions and understand what’s you’re actually working on and what kind of goals you want to achieve.