IT Outsourcing & Agile Teams
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IT Outsourcing & Agile Teams – experienced people ready to upscale your team.

Benefit from our broad experience in outsourcing IT services. We believe in transparency, trust, and efficiency at every stage of cooperation. Our experts make sure to deliver a project that tailors to your business needs.
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IT Outsourcing

Why should you outsource your next software development project to us?

Access to talented agile teams
Our experts are hired during the multistage hiring process to make sure we cooperate with the best ones. They are not only skilled in providing the best software solutions but also have a complex business knowledge. Choose high-quality IT outsourcing.
Trust & transparency
Our attitude is fully transparent, we conduct regular meetings to check the progress and agree on the next steps. With full access to JIRA and GIT Repos from day one we make you feel safe & up-to-date with our progress. Our agile process is simple and flexible.
Trial period
We understand that at the beginning of the cooperation you might prefer to check the right fit. That’s why we give you the possibility to test it during the one month trial period. Then you can decide to continue or resign off our services without any notice period.

IT Outsourcing

Dedicated Agile Teams

We won’t achieve success in software development without skilled people behind it. This is why our teams consist of experienced developers and project managers who are ready to solve complex technical & business problems. We use agile methodologies in our work to deliver flexible, fast, and effective solutions for our clients. Additionally, our approach is fully transparent – we build trust and follow our partners all the time during cooperation. Let’s dive deeper into our way of work

Stunning Technologies

Node.js / PostgreSQL / React / Redux / PHP / JavaScript / Docker / AWS


IT Outsourcing

Building Complex IT Solutions

We provide complex IT outsourcing services. Our team delivers outstanding web & mobile applications using frontend (React, Vue.js) and backend (Node.js, PHP) technologies. Moreover, we are experts in Redis, RabbitMQ, Amazon AWS, MongoDB, Nginx, LoadBalancing, and it allows us to build truly scalable web applications. We cooperate with many business industries like education, automotive, healthcare, fintech, IoT.