DevOps & Cloud


DevOps & Cloud – AWS, Infrastructure and Cloud Management for your business

We provide cloud management services, we build architecture for applications in the Cloud (AWS), we configure CI/CD Process and provide maintenance & monitoring services.
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Cloud Management & Architecture

In Studio Software we manage both cloud environments and local infrastructures on a daily basis including processes like migrating projects to the cloud environment, automated deployment, and creating stable and secure application environments, mainly on AWS. Our experts on board can provide a dedicated solution for you – we are experienced in providing various services that boost your productivity and growth.
Cloud Migration
We can help you migrate from your current solution to the chosen cloud - we use mainly AWS and DigitalOcean.
Process Automation
We can automate your processes by creating dedicated software that can integrate and automate specific processes or by using CI/CD system.
Environment Setup
We will prepare development / staging / production environment using Docker Containers and AWS. We can help you migrate to Containers.
Architecture Building
We will build your architecture with Amazon Web Services or DigitalOcean depending on your needs and projects requirements.
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Maintenance & Monitoring Services

Once you get your new software implemented and it’s already live, it’s better to monitor and control it to deliver good value without any interruptions. Thanks to our wide knowledge in maintenance and monitoring areas, we can provide complex monitoring service and support of your infrastructure. The key is to use proper and high-quality tools, such as Zabbix, ELK Stack (ElasticSearch, Kibana) and to organize support team in a proper ways so that team members can respond fast and secure your SLA levels.


Continuous Integration & Delivery Process

Continuous integration (CI) and deployment (CD) allow you to deliver a new product version or implementing new app features quickly. CI process is a set of practices that aim to identify bugs and problems in the app development and fix is as soon as possible. It makes it easy to implement changes in the code step by step and test them. CI provides an automated way to create, package, and frequently testing the application. As a result, it improves the final quality of the project, reduces the amount of work, and simplifies the whole process.