vemcom mobile application

Case study

IoT application for Vemcon – Two-Time Winner of the German Design Award (2018 & 2020)

Vemcon is a German company that develops state-of-the-art systems for controlling machinery and simplifying processes when managing construction projects. Vemcon’s primary tasks for its customers include reducing costs on construction sites, optimizing work processes, and countering the shortage of skilled workers. Currently, some 20,000 machines around the world are equipped with Vemcon technologies.
vemcom mobile application


Deliver a MVP to present the product during the world’s largest trade fair – Bauma

The client is digitally conscious and requires experienced partners to collaborate in building a mobile application. The vision was to prepare the MVP of the application to be presented at the world-class BAUMA trade fair in Germany in 2022. This event is held once every three years. It showcases innovations, trends, and key players in the construction and mining machinery industry.

Our solution

How we helped Vemcon unlock the potential


For our client, we have developed a comprehensive mobile application that automates the machine operation process. This is made possible by connecting the application with special devices that monitor the operation of excavators via Bluetooth.
Vemcon sent us four devices with which we performed tests. This consisted of us collecting information about the position of the excavator. At the same time, Bluetooth sensors (unique trackers) determined the exact position of the bucket. Thanks to this, you can see the precise location and movement of the device in the app. You can demonstrate how it communicates and the reality with the real machine. This IoT function allows operators to track, set, and manage key machine parameters.
In addition to conducting IoT tests, we worked closely with the client to recommend back-end improvements. This was needed because, at times, the API calls needed to be fixed. The entire application was written in React Native and developed for the mobile version on Android and iOS.
Developing a professional mobile application in React Native technology so it can be released on Android and iOS platforms
Comprehensive recommendations for API changes
Substantively support the client-side team and proactively propose many improvements
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Key Features Delivered

Two-way Bluetooth communication
Linking of available devices near the Bluetooth signal range by linking action (during which we take pictures of the device mounted on the resource).
An expanded panel of resources (devices)
Ability to view and edit resource data, e.g., adding devices such as a digger with the option to take and assign photos to it
Ability to check and assign permissions to users from within the application.
Cooperation with the client has been excellent. Thanks to regular daily meetings, Vemcon’s product manager was always aware of the progress of the project and the status of tasks in the backlog. After stability testing, the product functions as an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), so the client can already start using the basic version.


React Native (iOS/Android) / Apollo Client / Graphql / Bluetooth Low Energy Devices / JWT

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