Manage your apartments 100% remotely.

SmartPorter is a cloud-based system connected with hundred of electronic locks. It allows to manage the lock 100% via Internet.

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Manage your apartments 100% remotely.

SmartPorter is an IoT solution that connects Assa Abloy electronic locks with cloud-based platform, where you can manage your locks from every place in the world. System is integrated with most of the booking websites (Airbnb, Booking.com) and automatically creates temporary codes for the guests, which are sent to them by email and sms. You can add, change or remove the codes, check the history of access, open the doors remotely, and much more. Codes are valid only during certain period of time and auto-expire. Resign off the traditional keys and fully automate renting process! No more passing the keys!

  • Technical info

    REST API provided in PHP 7 and based on Zend 2 framework. End user frontend system implemented in AngularJS and use of Webpack. Database created with the use of MySQL. Entire solution based on Docker which helps in local development (Docker Compose) and production release. Project required creation of the remote lock controller (hardware part installed on RaspberryPi) implemented in Node.js.


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