Create landing pages with marketing system.

Manage your landing pages within one complex system. Create A/B tests, measure conversion and improve your revenue!



Create landing pages in a minute with marketing system.

Application is a dedicated tool which allows company to manage all advertising campaigns, edit landing pages in easy and intuitive way, create A/B/X tests, automatically choose better variant to improve conversion. The system generates advanced statistics (lead rates, filtering and grouping by source of lead, unique visits, etc.). Application allows to show different content depending on source of lead (e.g. different phone number to know where the lead comes from). The system is also integrated with company business partners and CRM which speeds up the process of information exchange and allows to call the customer much faster, when the conversion is better.

  • Technical info

    REST API in Euro-Tax.pl Marketing Campaign System implemented in PHP 7. End user admin frontend system delivered in AngularJS. For deployment - Docker and AWS used.


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