Digital Transformation: When and Why Your Business Needs a Digital Revolution

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Digital transformation is becoming an essential part of today’s businesses. It is not a fad anymore but a necessity for companies that want to stand out from the competition. Why do companies strive for digital revolutions, and when should they start this journey?

The benefits of implementing a digital transformation are undeniable. They help businesses adjust to market needs and changes, as well as save money. Are you ready to explore what digital transformation means today and why it is so important? Read on to find out more and learn what the process looks like. Let’s get started!

What Is Digital Transformation and Why Is It Cropping Up So Often?

There are many definitions of digital transformation, but to simplify everything, we will keep it short. In most cases, it is defined as the well-planned implementation and integration of digital technologies into various business fields to reduce costs and make the work easier and smoother. For example:

  • Make time-consuming processes easier
  • Change business models
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Improve the way an organization works

Digital transformation is a broad concept, and by using it, you can improve almost anything. Examples include creating a digital work environment, implementing a new and faster process that makes customer service more efficient, and harnessing a new system to gather information and data. Digital transformation is making people’s lives easier.

Coming up with new solutions is essential to a business, helping to take it to a higher level. It’s worth mentioning that the whole strategy should be crafted to suit the company’s specific needs. Each situation is unique. The final version of the digital transformation depends on the business’s goals and objectives.

Some companies started digitizing their processes much earlier than others by, for example, benefiting from one of the biggest contributors to digital transformation: the cloud. For others, it is a completely new strategy. In this case, a different scope of work is needed to meet their expectations.

Digital transformation is not only for large companies but also for small and medium-sized enterprises. They all can take a significant step into the digital world.

Digital Transformation in Numbers

What can you discover about this topic in surveys? It turns out that there is a lot of interesting information. Check out some of it:

  • According to the 2020 global CIO survey, 69% of respondents said that the most important factor that convinced them to choose digital transformation was a need to improve the customer experience. The next most important reason was developing new products and services.
  • The BDO survey found that 71% of companies that have implemented digital transformation have seen increases in revenue directly linked to the digital transformation techniques, and 74% have seen increases in profitability.
digital transformation survey
Results of BDO survey
  • According to a survey available on Statista, spending on technologies and services that enable digital transformation is expected to increase to 2.3 trillion USD by 2023.

Is Digital Transformation for You? Three Real-Life Examples

Are you wondering if digital transformation can benefit your business and if it is a good idea to implement it? Nowadays, there is room for innovative solutions in almost every company. Here are some common reasons that drive digital transformation:

  • Use of old systems. Are you using tools that are not secure enough? Old systems can be a source of many different problems, and they cause errors. Modernizing them is a great way to increase security, which is currently a very important step.
  • Time-consuming processes. Digital transformation can bring many benefits to businesses where the team is engaged in repetitive tasks that can be automated very quickly. Examples include completing data or formulas. Optimizing these tasks can help engage the team in more significant tasks and empower their other skills in order to make changes in the organization.
  • Need to improve customer satisfaction. As mentioned earlier, improving customer satisfaction is one of the important reasons that drive digital transformation. If your company includes customer service processes, you can probably point out some that need improvements. It will help you take your customer service to the next level.

Digital Transformation: Our Case Study

Our offer includes digital transformation services, and we can easily share the results of this implementation. We aim to bring innovation to companies’ processes and old-fashioned models. Let’s look at an example from one of our clients, Hevea.

Hevea is a recognized brand that manufactures high-quality mattresses. Its products recently gained popularity, and new challenges began to emerge. The company’s current work methods were not effective anymore. It needed an innovative approach and solutions to take its processes to the next level by automating them. Hevea’s team was mainly using spreadsheets to organize the backlog of orders. As a result, the whole process was delayed, and the team had difficulties organizing everything smoothly. The company was looking for a trustworthy IT partner who could deliver complex solutions to automate production and launch inventory management software. We were delighted to start this partnership.

Web application delivered for Hevea

We developed a functional web application that allows Hevea to track the warehouse. We were responsible for creating a cloud migration strategy and preparing a successful migration. Hevea is one interesting example that shows how new technologies can bring great value to a company and help the company save time and money and move forward.

Check out our case study, to learn more.

Three Main Business Benefits of Digital Transformation

As you can see, digital transformation has opened the door for completely new solutions that are beneficial from a business perspective. Companies of different sizes can achieve their goals, streamline business processes, and gain a competitive advantage. Below are some examples of those benefits.

1. Cost Reductions

One of the most obvious benefits of adopting digital technology is reducing costs generated by everyday operations. One study conducted by the Hackett Group clearly illustrated that a complex digital transformation can reduce the costs generated by financial organizations by 45%.

If you want to end time-consuming processes but still maintain high-quality work, consider taking your first step into the digital world. The scope of work can be chosen individually, but it can cover different types of automation, sales improvements, and customer service processes.

2. Simplification of Complex Processes Through Automation

The benefit of using digital transformation solutions is the simplification of processes by automating them. Automation is a great way to save employees’ time because they will not have to repeat time-consuming activities. Instead, you can use software that automates tasks such as filling in or administrative processes.

Of course, this is only a small step towards full digital transformation, but it is so important that more and more companies are starting their adventure with this issue.

3. A Higher Level of Security

Modern systems ensure better security. The problem is that outdated systems are often no longer supported, and no one watches over their quality, which makes it very difficult to maintain them. What is more, older technologies are much easier to break because their public list of systems is available.


As you can see, following the digital transformation trend can be very beneficial. Some advantages of implementing this system are cost reductions, effective automation, and increased safety. You can start right away—there is no need to implement digital transformation for all processes at once. You can do it step by step and start with some simple changes. The key is to choose the right technology partner who will be open to your needs and adjust the strategy to suit your goals.

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